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Kids Blowing Bubbles
Blue and white bubbles 4

Creating connections is at the heart of all our programs. 

Mother and Child

Evidence-Based Practices

Aimee and her team use empirically validated interventions based on developmental and behavioral sciences.  Core elements include following the child's lead,  modeling, prompting, task analyses, visual supports, direct teaching, and structured play groups. 


While each program is personalized to meet the child's needs, all programs are guided by early developmental sequences and emphasize social-emotional skills that contribute to cooperative behaviors and academic achievement.

Boys with toys

Create an Enriched Environment

The team partners with parents to incorporate behavioral strategies into the family's daily activities and routines, which helps create an enriched environment for their child at home. Examples include reading stories together, playing with siblings, and eating together at mealtimes.

Kids with Capes

Provide Positive Learning Experiences

Learning is a social process. The child's family, friends and community are integrated into the intervention plan from the beginning. By providing positive learning experiences, we lay a foundation for meaningful social-emotional development and engagement with others.


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