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Parent Education & Training

Parent education and training is personalized to reflect the values and priorities of each family. Sessions include how to manage challenging behaviors, supporting communication and social skills, and getting ready for preschool or kindergarten.

Early Intervention 

Early intervention is for infants and toddlers (12-36 months) who are experiencing developmental delays or showing early signs of autism. 

Focused Behavioral Intervention

Focused behavioral intervention is for young children (3-8 years old) who require support in specific areas of development such as improving self-regulation, social communication, feeding issues, self-care, and school readiness skills. 

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Social Skills Groups

Los Amigos Social Club is a group intervention for young children (3-8 years old) that teaches play and social skills as well as recreational opportunities in the community. 

School Kids

School Consultation

School consultations for preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary school-age children are a collaborative effort between our specialists and teachers intended to provide positive behaviors in the classroom and social skills support.

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Academic Coaching & Tutoring 

Academic coaching provides specialized instruction to kids with learning differences aimed to improve motivation, attention, and executive functioning skills skills. Sessions also teach specific skills and subjects, with a focus on supporting language arts.