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While You Wait

We are here for the parents of young children recently diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder who would like to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their child's development and well-being. 

Mother and Son

After a child receives a diagnosis, parents are often overwhelmed by a sea of information and the responsibility of starting services. 

We offer 3 ways to learn about evidence-based intervention options & how to set up services as well as easy-to-follow daily practices for immediate support at home.

While You Wait

Children often wait months or years to the get help they need. While You Wait is our upcoming online parent course dedicated to sharing current intervention options, behavioral & developmental strategies for home and more. Sign-up below for updates!

Daily Practices

Kids are hands-on learners! Parents can encourage positive behaviors through daily activities and routines at home by joining our community on Instagram.


Book a Call

Let's talk about your child! The conversation will review treatment recommendations based on your child's evaluation and resources for getting started.

While You Wait 
A Course for Parents Launching Summer 2024

Help is here!

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